Inexpensive round metal bellows expansion joint pipe joint

 Round Type Metallic Expansion Joint Pipe CouplingApplication: petroleum, medicine, chemical, electric power, power plants, industrial, machinery, compressor, cement mill, shipyard etcadvantageReliable operation, good performance and compact structureExpa

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 Round Type Metallic Expansion Joint Pipe Coupling

Application: petroleum, medicine, chemical, electric power, power plants, industrial, machinery, compressor, cement mill, shipyard etc


Reliable operation, good performance and compact structure

Expansion joint is a kind of flexible element which can effectively compensate axial deformation. For example, the expansion joint welded on the shell of the fixed tubesheet heat exchanger has large axial flexibility and is easy to deform, which can compensate the thermal expansion difference of the tube and shell due to the different wall temperature, reduce their axial load, thus reducing the temperature difference stress of the tube, tubesheet and shell, and avoid the damage of strength, instability and tube pull off. There are many kinds of expansion joints, commonly used are wave shaped, ring plate welding and jacket type structures, among which wave shaped expansion joints are the most widely used, and ring plate welding expansion joints are only suitable for atmospheric or low-pressure occasions

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Taizhou zhijing Tradlng co.,Ltd. is located in Taizhou City in Jiangsu province, is a professional manufacturer of expansion joints used for pressure vessels, metallic bellows expansion joints, sleeve compensators, rotary compensators, spherical compensators, corrugated metallic hoses and non-metallic expansion joints and other products, etc. We own 2 factories

Relevant standards, carrying out strictly according to American "EJMA", "American Society of Mechanical Engineers" "ASME" and "GB/T 12777-2008", "GB/T 14525-2010","GB/T 16749-1997" and others are strictly implemented. Meanwhile, We also own more than 100sets of production hydraulic presses including 25000T,8000T,3000T,1500T,800T,315T etc. CNC cutting equipment, all kinds of welding equipment, solution heat treatment equipment and others (pay attention that the 25000T and 8000T of hydraulic molding equipment and 50mm thickness of bending molding equipment are so advanced, large-scaled that not easily to been seen in domestic industry), full equipped with  kinds of test machines such as X-ray testing machines, universal testing machines, hardness testers, ultrasonic thickness meters, air compressors, hydraulic test devices ,etc.

We abide by our principles "science as the first, market - oriented" and management policy "scientific innovation and development" to improve our ability. With stable quality, good reputation and high quality of customer service, we won the majority of users. Along with the continuous emergence of new technology and new materials, we sincerely look forward to your suggestions so that we could improve our innovation capability, supply high quality of products to the society.
Adhering to the "quality first, reputation the importance, management the basis, honest service" concept, we set up some offices throughout the country, with the establishment of a perfect pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service system. We will warmly welcome customers to our company for visiting and guidance, business negotiations, sincere cooperation. 


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