Golden Retriever's Custom Floating Dog Bed Wows Internet: 'Too Cute'

2022-05-25 08:31:05 By : Mr. Wellington Wang

We love to spoil our pets, from adhering to their strict dietary requirements to indulging a little lie-in for your furry friend, but one couple has delighted the internet after sharing the custom-built dog bed they created for their golden retriever, Daisy.

Tarah and her partner, who run the TikTok account letsbeimpulsive, shared the video on Thursday, which has had more than 6 million views.

In it, the couple shared the process, from measuring the five-year-old golden retriever for the perfect fit, to creating the incredible floating bed complete with LED lights beneath for an ultra-cool finish.

Tarah, who is from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia told Newsweek: "When we began renovating our bedroom we really wanted to have a bed that had that wow factor. I have always loved the look of floating beds and saw a few on Pinterest. From there we set out and came up with our own plan on how to make one. We ended up having so much fun making it and loved the finished product so much that we decided our little Daisy should have one too.

"We had been looking at different dog beds for her but never really fell in love with any. But after making her floating bed we are in love with it and hope others get on board and make their pups some cool floating beds."

Thousands of TikTok users flooded to the video's comments section to share their thoughts on Daisy's new bed—amazed by the creation.

One TikTok user, said: "This is so cute good job," while another wrote: "Daisy got a better bed than me."

One commenter was a little confused by the floating bed concept, writing: "I thought the bed was gonna float on water," but the "floating" bed simply provides the illusion of floating and allows space for the sleek strip lighting below.

"Yes yes immediately yes," said one TikTok user, while another wrote: "Can't function. Too cute."

When it comes to spoiling your furry friend, animal behaviorist Crista Coppola, Ph.D. told Newsweek: "If spoiling is meeting all of their dogs' physical and behavioral needs, then yes, absolutely people should spoil their pups! But if this means letting their dog have anything and everything they would want and on-demand, then no. Dogs thrive with consistency and structure. You can teach your dog to let you know how to ask politely for things like playtime, treats and going for a walk."

Getting a good bed for your canine friend is essential. Pet retailer Hartz says that most dogs sleep for 12 hours a day and while many people think that dogs can curl up and sleep almost anywhere, your pup really shouldn't be sleeping on the floor.

Hartz says that giving your dog their own bed can benefit them in a range of ways, including ensuring they have their own space, somewhere comfortable to support their joint health and by providing a clean space for your dog to rest.

In the video, a delighted Daisy jumped straight into her new bed, lined with blankets and toys and viewers commented: "That's adorable."

When it came to building the bed, Tarah said it was surprisingly easy: "It took us two days, but with a proper build plan and fewer lunch breaks it could be done in a day, easily. As you can see in the video, most of the material we used was from a leftover crate we picked up for free.

"We have so much fun getting creative and building DIYs and hope to inspire others out there to give things a go and have fun while doing it. Plus it turned out way better than we could have ever hoped and had to share her cuteness with the world."

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